New Year

Happy New Year! <Scroll past musing to see top picks of 2016>

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2016 started unassumingly. As the year went on momentum showed us the many hidden pressures building up and needing release (hello racial inequality, environmental drama, immigrants and terror). The past quarter has been characterized by shock and reflection personally, nationally and globally. 

In October when my father was diagnosed with a scary and aggressive illness I was exposed to the heaviness that can take over one's life - the kind that strips reality of superficiality and extraneous shit and focuses your mind, if you aren't sucked into the fear. Not long after, America also had a shocking diagnosis. While many were aware that there was sickness in the US, many had turned their gaze away from its spread; the prevalence of mistrust, misunderstanding, inequality and fear. 

Tuning in on 2017, I feel hopeful, both for my family and for our Western world. When people are diagnosed with a serious illness they can choose to deny; they can choose fear, focussing on scary statistics and side effects; or they can choose hope and resilience. For me, 2017 is about tuning into ourselves and getting reacquainted with our vitality.  I am hopeful that there will be more discourse on big thoughts and ideas;  communities coming together to understand each other's truth. There is no doubt that soulful introspection and feminine wisdom are on the rise, which can only help nourish and revitalize our bodies and souls, as well as our nations. 

Top Picks: articles and inspiration from 2016


 Aviva Romm, a functional medicine doctor, midwife and mother has an incredible podcast and blog. Check out Natural MD Radio

Parsley Health, a prominent example of a Functional Medicine subscription based medical centers that focusses on optimizing an individual’s health. The blog is great too!

Sex & Relationships:: Esther Perel always does it for me. Modern marriage and getting into the mood, below…

Meditation & Mindfulness: Sara Auster’s sounds literally cleanse my energetic space and put me in a great mood!

Fitness: Taryn Toomey has the best energy and is bringing it these days

Feminism on the upswing: Kelly Brogan, her work on functional psychiatry and supporting female power

Feminist poets making my instagram *wow*: Nayyirah Waheed, Rupi Kaur, Ysra Daley-Ward & Cleo Wade:

Mother / daughter colab inspiring women to love their unique bods and style


Huffington Post’s awesome collection of the most important articles by people of color in 2016

May 2016 pre-Trump era

“we cannot understand this crisis because our dominant intellectual concepts and categories seem unable to process an explosion of uncontrolled forces.”