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Our fast-paced modern lives, equipped with powerfully distracting hand held machines, has decreased the time taken for quiet contemplation. Many used to carve out time to meditate upon the larger things in life when they went to temples of prayer during the weekend. However, as we globalize and modernize, many of us are moving away from the patriarchal Judeo-Christian structure of religion. At least in our Western world, it seems as our technologies and sciences develop we now take less time for contemplation and introspection.

I’ve created this space to offer my friends (known and unknown) a bi-monthly guide to stimulate inquiry, examination and sharing. Every two weeks I will post a focus, taken from quotes, lyrics, poetry and a myriad of religious text. I encourage people to take two weeks to hold the focus in their hearts and minds, and see how their thoughts and lives are intricately shaped by this contemplation. Sharing other text, videos, images and art on the website in the comments section would be appreciated and would help develop community. I believe through this process we will all have an enrichment of our lives, with transformative potential.

Why share and build community? Humans are communal beings at our core. Not only are we physically safer in groups, but mentally and spiritually we can transcend higher together. I live with my thought patterns daily. I feel this practice will broaden my neural connections and inspire me to seek out inspiration beyond my usual threads of fashion, culture and medicine. However, hearing from others, with different backgrounds and experiences will truly deepen the experience and growth for all.

General themes of focuses will include:

  • love
  • humanity
  • mind-body connection
  • hope and despair
  • creativity and art
  •  mindfulness
  • science and technology

I warmly welcome submissions of focuses to include in our essential list. Please email your offering to If you do not see it come up in the next few weeks that is likely because I am trying to curate a full year where each week can flow into the next. I will 100% incorporate your focus but it may take weeks to months for it to cycle in.